Our Microblading

Welcome to Alden School of Cosmetology. Today we will give a complete walk through of what a microblading experience encompasses. This site will talk you through the entire procedure so that you can know what to expect as you embark on beautifying your eyebrows and impressing your friends and family with your new look.

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow tatoo that can last anywhere from a year to three years. The very first thing that is done is to clean the skin and then measure the golden ratio¬† based on the inner corner measurements of the patient’s eyes. Different microblading tools, apps and techniques allow and help to obtain the inner measurements of the brows. The initial steps will include measuring out the arch points and the tail of the eyebrows. In addition to these tools and techniques, the string method will be used to validate the measurements just to be on the safe side. The string method also has the added benefit of making sure everything is in line and symmetrical based on the facial points and points of the eye. When all of the measurements are completed and reference points drawn on the patient’s eyebrows, numbing cream will be applied for about 20 minutes. This is a good time to let the patient walk around, get a drink or use the washroom. A lot of people come into the Alden studios and have a misconception that there will be a lot of pain in microblading and are unsure whether this is for them. However, the procedure does not go very deep into the skin. Also keep in mind that numbing cream is applied every time before we start and so the patient should not the process as it is happening. If you are unsure, try to ask if numbing cream is used by the artists. Not using numbing cream can be a time cutting excuse for some artists. Most artists will use the cream if you ask.

Our studio carries the latest and greatest 12-needle blades that can be used for drawing the precise hair strokes. Typically our technician uses a back and forth technique to generally a few hair strokes at a time on each brow in order to provide the foundation strokes. This technique will keep the brows as symmetrical as possible. It is recommended to go in the direction of the natural hair growth for best results. Afterwards, a pigment mask will be applied and then cleaned off before another layer of numbing cream is applied. A second pass will be added to the foundation strokes to build on the brows in order to get the results to last long term. After the second pass, you will be sent home to heal and rest with a care kit. A subsequent touch up session will be needed to see how everything heals.

If you are considering microblading is for you, keep in mind on whether your skin is oily or dry. The perfect candidate’s skin is neither too oily or too dry. However, our skilled artist practitioners are skilled and experienced enough to work through many different conditions in order to provide the best results possible for you. Even if you do not have a lot of hair on your brows or it is very sparse, it is not a problem. Our clinic will be able to provide very natural finish. Check out our locations page to find a studio near you and book your first session today!