Microblading Pickering

Microblading is a beauty technique that involves on shaping and contouring an individual’s eyebrows. Here at Alden school of cosmetology, we are the leading experts in Pickering Microblading, we use a fine pen, which consists of 12-15 needles to deposit pigments into the skin around your eyebrow. The tip of the pen is super precise, which allows the best microblade technician in Pickering to create small hair strokes to make the eyebrow appearance natural. The great thing about microblading eyebrows, is the fact that the needles only reach the top layers of the skin, which is why the procedure is considered to be semi-permanent. There typically is a small pain to this procedure, but the microblade artist may decide to numb the area first before starting the procedure. To truly imagine this procedure, imagine the specialist creating small little paper-cuts into your eyebrow and the fine tip injects ink into these paper-cut holes. The procedure sounds painful, but in actuality, the pain is a lot more bearable than other permanent options like tattoo eyebrows. Compared to other techniques, microblading provides the natural look that we all lust for and it better simulates the appearance of real hair.

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Prices for microblading vary based on the artist you go to and where you are getting the procedure done. A high quality session can run between $700 – $1500. There is usually a post-microblading procedure to follow. For the first day after microblading, remember to purify your eyebrows with cotton pads damped in water (preferably distilled) and apply aftercare cream every 3 – 4 hours. For the second day, repeat what you did on the first day three times to ensure the wound heals properly and bacteria free. For the following five days after that, do the procedure only once in the morning, and once before bed. Common post-microblading side effects consist of redness and scabbing around the brow area; this is common and part of the healing process. Make sure not to have any photoshoots or job interviews right after your microblading procedure because your eyebrows will presentation quite swollen. For the next week or two after your procedure, it is suggested to avoid going to the gym or performing any activities that will cause excessive sweating to prevent pigment retention and infections.

Now the question everyone inquires, how long does microblading last? Typically, the next touch up will come a month after the initial procedure. Do not worry, this first touch up is often included into the initial price; so do not worry about having to pay for another procedure only a month after your initial treatment. After this one month touch up, the microblading results can last anywhere from 12 months up to three years. How long microblading lasts for you all depends on your lifestyle; if you are generally a person who is less active, then the results may last longer. However, if you have a very active lifestyle, then your brows will be exposed to more components that may accelerate the paling. A few key tips to extend the payoff of microblading are:

– Avoid the sun – the sun can cause fading in the color, which will unfortunately cause the effect to diminish a lot quicker

– Avoid putting exfoliants near your eyebrows – exfoliants typically peel and lift the top layers of your skin, which may take off some of the colour of microblading with it

– drink lots of water – drinking lots of water can support to keep your skin healthy and filled which gives the treated area a more pronounced look.

Overall, microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that can drastically help add to your appearance without the need of spending excessive (resource|time} in managing it. Make sure to do your research and find a reputable clinic near Pickering in our city subpages.