Things To Do Post Procedure

Here at Alden’s School of Cosmetology, we encounter a lot of people reaching out to us asking to do a guest post. Often times, we look through their content and feel like they have nothing good to offer. It is rare, but we will be featuring our first guest post from our friends at Built By Beauty. They reached out to us a couple days ago letting us know about their new website that just launched. The website is run by a group of extremely talented beauty experts who knows all the ins and outs of the industry. So without further ado, I present to you Built By Beauty’s writeup on the importance of procedure care.

Beauty is often overlooked and taken for granted. When the average person sees someone with the perfect highlight, perfectly curled hair, perfect wingtips, they automatically attribute it to one just makeup, fake, or unrealistic. Only those who truly understand beauty appreciates the effort put into creating that perfect eye shadow, or that perfect blush that can take years perfecting. Often times, we opt for more lasting procedures like microblading, liposuction, or lash lifts for a lasting effect. What people usually don’t know is how to take care of yourself after the procedure. In today’s post, we will outline some of the main things to keep in mind post procedure:

  1. Moisturize

    Lotioning Face

It doesn’t matter what procedure you’ve done, moisturizing is the #1 thing to a speedy and healthy recovery. Any procedure you do, it will involve a wound that can be either small or big. In the case of liposuction where the wound can be quite large, a regular moisturizing cream around the treated area twice a day will help with the recovery. After the wound has healed, you may want to switch to a scar healing cream that will help with the scaring around the treated area. The more rigorous you apply these creams, the better the healing process will be. For smaller procedures like microblading, a facial moisturizer three times a day over the treated eyebrows will drastically help limit scarring and peeling. Even in the case of lash lifting, your lashes will have gone through some pretty intensive treatment; a lash moisturizer twice a day will drastically help your lashes maintain their shape.

Water in the Eye
  1. Avoid moisture 


Most procedures recommend avoiding moisture within the first 24 hours of the procedure. I would go further than that and say that if you would like the best results, avoid moisture for one week after the procedure. I understand this may be very difficult for some, since showering is a common part of many our our lives. However, if you could avoid showering and opting for taking baths instead to keep your wounds dry, that would go a long way in aiding the recovery. Aside from showering, swimming is an absolute must for the first few weeks after the procedure. The chlorine found in most swimming pools is too harsh for your open wounds and can cost discolouring in your scars. Also, extended time under water causes the skin to wrinkle and soften; which causes your scar to softly open up giving you a fresh wound again. Avoid moisture wherever you can to help aid the healing process.


  1. Don’t rub the treated area
Avoid Rubbing

This may sound self explanatory, but you’d be surprised with the amount of people who contact me asking what they should do because they’ve rubbed their treated area and the results have faded. Unfortunately, constant rubbing in the treated area will cause the results to fade and there are NO way of reversing the damage. Your treated areas will feel itchy after your procedure; this is normal for any procedure because the scarring causes the skin to be dry which causes an itching sensation. But it is very important not to itch it as it can not only open up the wound, but it can rub some of the results away. In the case of microblading, excessive rubbing can actually rub some of the ink pigments in your eye out which will cause your brows to turn significantly lighter than desired. In the case of lash lifts, rubbing will cause the curls to uncurl and returning them back to their original state. Make sure to not rub your eyes to prevent a reverse of results!

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